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Update Creator 2010 - Service Pack 2

For existing Creator 2010 users only.

  • Creator 2010 Service Pack 2 does not offer any new features.
  • You must own a valid copy of the full, retail version of Creator 2010.
  • If you did not purchase a retail copy, this update will not work for any other version of Creator or Easy Media Creator.
  • You must be a registered user to download the Service Pack.

What Creator 2010 Service Pack 2 does:

  • Resolves issue with Video Copy and Convert crashing when closing Option window.
  • Audio can now be muted during audio capture when capturing from built-in webcam on laptops.
  • Resolves Music Disc Creator crashing if adjusting beats to tracks while in Beat Matching mode.
  • Resolves ghosting of images in Slideshows when Creator is set to Hardware Rendering.
  • 16:9 files from Canon cameras will now maintain their original aspect ratio when choosing Same as original when exporting in Video Editing-Advanced (VideoWave).
  • ATI Stream encoding now supported in Windows 7.
  • HD photo files can now be converted to video when Creator is set to Software Rendering and no longer black on Preview.
  • Resolves issue of Creator crashing when cancelling during the burn process.
  • Resolves script errors when using the Update Manager.

Download Creator 2010 Service Pack 2 (18.7 MB) 

Once the patch is downloaded, unzip it to your Desktop. Make sure Creator 2010 isn't running, then double click on the roxiocreator2010sp2.exe file to install it and reboot your computer once completed.