Roxio® Mobile Media Manager™ complements the rich on-device multimedia capabilities of the MOTO™ Z10

Roxio Mobile Media Manager software was designed specifically for mobile users; is now available with the just released MOTO™ Z10. Roxio Mobile Media Manager enables consumers to easily synchronize and share photos, videos, and music between their PC and mobile device. The application includes features for quickly finding and organizing media, creating audio playlists, and automatically converting personal entertainment and media for optimal playback on the MOTO Z10's crystal-clear 2.2" QVGA screen.

Music fans can use Mobile Media Manager to create MP3 files from CDs and generate smart playlists that allow a song to be used across multiple playlists without duplicating the file on the handheld.

Users can also transfer the high-quality photo and video content they capture using the Z10's powerful built-in 3.2 megapixel camera to the PC where it can be archived, shared, or enhanced using Mobile Media Manager's range of editing features. For additional video editing capabilities, users can take advantage of a special upgrade to the fully featured video capabilities in Roxio Creator 2009.

Roxio Mobile Media Manager is available direct to consumers as a component of Roxio Creator 2009 and is also available with the MOTO Z8 - black.

Roxio is a Motorola ecosystem partner.