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Toast 11 Version History

Toast 11.2 (3175) Update includes:

  • Add OS X Mavericks (10.9) compatibility
  • Resolved issue where copying image file cause Toast to crash
  • Resolved issue where converting image file cause Toast to crash
  • Resolved Get Backup 2 RE compatibility issue with Mavericks
  • Updated GraceNote with the latest SDK to support Mavericks
  • Resolved YouTube video sharing broken issue


Toast 11.1 (1067) Update includes:

  • Toast has been fully Cocoa-ized
  • Hundreds of changes and fixes implemented as a part of this effort
  • Added Mountain Lion (10.8) compatibility
  • Added support for recording to 100GB and 128GB BDXL media
  • Implemented Gatekeeper Support
  • Web-Video feature improvements
  • Requires using Safari to capture web-video
  • YouTube users may need to OPT OUT of HTML5 Trial
  • Mountain Lion users with 10.8 will need to update to 10.8.1 or later to publish video to YouTube
  • Resolved issue where some users could not complete Setup Assistant
  • Resolved file extension issue encountered when saving projects
  • Disc Images can now be created on all systems with no optical drive
  • Resolved digital signing issue which occured on some OS versions (1066)
  • Resolved issue where updating would generate invalid signature message (1067)
  • Customers still encountering this error will need to download a full version of Toast 11.1 from our software update page or install a previous version and then update.


Toast 11.0.5 (727) Update includes:

  • Added video export profiles for iPad (third generation), AppleTV (third generation) and PS Vita
  • Toast will now correctly growl with support for Growl 1.3.x from Mac App Store
  • Resolved issue where malformed MP4 file may cause Toast to crash
  • Resolved issue where malformed video files may cause Video Player to crash
  • Setting audio crossfades in spanned disc projects should no longer cause a crash
  • Users who enjoy scrolling up and down will once again enjoy using the AVCHD Media Browser
  • Cosmetic issue where "Pause" and "Resume" buttons did not update has been fixed
  • Resolved graphics alignment issue when authenticating to Facebook
  • Attempting to authenticate to Vimeo with an unverified account will remind you to check verify your email address
  • Open QuickTime Player option when converting audio now opens QuickTime instead of iTunes
  • Length of video is now correctly displayed in the main window when working with DVD-Video sources
  • Video_TS Folder and Compilation projects will now correctly include DVD-ROM content
  • Photos rotated using iPhoto should now be correctly rotated in Toast Media Browser
  • Resolves error that may occur when writing Lead-Out track on DVD+R DL media under Lion
  • Image File based projects now correctly allow you to replace the first image you added to the project with a new image
  • Audio durations will in spanned Audio CD projects will now be correctly updated in the main window
  • Resolved cosmetic issue where the volume name of an image file may not display correctly
  • Skipping forward and seeking through ASF video files should now work correctly in Video Player
  • Resolved issues with window focus when using Quick Look preview on Web Video content


Toast 11 Titanium v11.0.4

  • Resolves several issues running under Lion
  • Audio effects are now carried over to duplicated items correctly
  • Large AVCHD archive projects now display the correct number of required discs
  • You can now burn a Mac Volume project after canceling a previous Mac Volume project
  • VCD and SVCD projects with merged clips should no longer cause errors when burning or writing a disc image
  • Resolves issue where thumbnail and video preview window appear green for specific MKV video files
  • Resolves an issue related to burning projects with MPEG-2 TS streams


Toast 11 Titanium v11.0.2

  • Resolves issue causing slow write speeds on some recorders
  • Audio effects applied to the video projects can not be correctly previewed in the Edit window
  • Various localization issues addressed


Toast 11 Titanium v11.0.1

  • Higher quality export profiles available for export to Vimeo
  • Updated Roku video export profile
  • Audio CD project now allows up to 199 tracks
  • Subtitles from additional DVD-Video sources are now preserved correctly when embed option has been enabled
  • Resolves issue publishing video to Facebook when Secure Browsing (https) option has been enabled on target Facebook profile
  • Resolves issue capturing Web Video content with updated Flash browser plug-in
  • Various issues resolved relating to selection of content in Media Browser
  • Resolves issue where Audiobook project can not be completed
  • Other miscellaneous fixes